Nick Hawkes
…author of novels that feed the heart, mind and soul

Nick Hawkes

Author of novels that feed the heart,
mind and soul

About The Books

All my novels have the word “Stone” in their title.   However, each has different characters, different stories and are set in different locations.   The “Stone” books are therefore a collection rather than a series.   You can read them in any order.

In summary:

  • The “Stone” novels are designed to feed the heart, mind and soul.
  • They are clean, clever and compelling.
  • The novels are loved by both men and women.

The Martyr’s Stone

A boy, not yet quite a man, lies dying in marshy ground beside a river. Julian, a monk, finds him. He is given permission to care for the boy, someone wild and untamable. Julian has not always been a monk. In an earlier life he was a research scientist. Julian’s world implodes when an ex-colleague is brutally murdered. The shadowy world of the Chinese Communist Party, bent on stealing cutting edge intellectual property, looms over him. Jade, a Chinese research physicist is inveigled to help the Chinese cause… but things don’t go according to plan.

“The Stone Collection,” Box set 1

“The Stone Collection,” Box set 1 comprises three novels:

The Atlantis Stone, The Peacock Stone and The Fire Stone

A lot of what you read in the novels was based on my personal experiences. Past adventures in Sardinia, and scuba-diving off the Australian coast, have found their way into The Atlantis Stone. The Peacock Stone draws on my experiences in India, and The Fire Stone was informed by the time I went seriously ‘off grid’ amongst the Pacific Islands of Vanuatu.  

I’m pleased to report that the ‘Stone Collection’ of books is growing all the time. There are currently nine novels which you can look forward to. 

The number of ‘box sets’ is also growing. There will be three in total (each with three novels).

The Pharaoh’s Stone

Peter, trying to flee his burden of shame, meets a professor from the British Museum. Their world is shattered by a murder. Together, with Beth, the professor’s assistant, they must solve ancient archaeological mysteries, and survive the shadowy world of Freemasony.

This modern fictional tale is grounded in some extraordinary historical events of the 18th century. The action takes place in London’s docks, Paris, New York, and in the ancient temple of Luxor in Egypt.

The Viking Stone

Adam Hollingworth, a man in deep grief, journeys from Australia to England, and finds his way to the tide-ways and byways of the Thames estuary, an area renowned for its secrets, and its smuggling. Amidst the marshes, Adam is mentored by an old man, and his niece—a talented artist. The violent world of smuggling soon makes its presence felt. Whether Adam and his friends can survive will depend on their ability to use a secret of ancient Norse navigation—the Viking Stone.

The Syrian Stone

Chelsea is part of an international team of archaeologists who are making the most of a tenuous cease-fire in the Syrian civil war to excavate and conserve the historic remains of the ancient kingdom of Ebla. A dramatic discovery of a new library of clay tablets inscribed with cuneiform writing brings to the surface international tensions between Syria and Israel. Chelsea must call on the help of a small boy who has looted his own artefacts, along with a shadowy character, Tony.

The Celtic Stone

Chris Norman survives a plane crash in the harsh interior of Australia. An aboriginal bushman gives him an incongruous legacy—a stone Celtic cross. It takes him across the world to the Hebridean Islands off Scotland where an injustice in Scottish history has shamed an island community.

The Atlantas Stone

Felicity discovers the ‘Atlantis stone’ whilst scuba diving on the south-east coast of Australia in a treacherous area known as ‘the ship’s graveyard.’ She meets Benjamin as a result of her love of diving. He is an indigenous Australian, but past traumas have caused him to disown his aboriginal heritage. Join them in an adventure that centers on a medieval treaty, a lust for gold, and an audacious plot to rewrite world history.

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The Peacock Stone

A young girl is living in the dangerous slums of New Delhi, where street gangs rule. Through the initiative of a blind beggar, she is taken to work in the home of a rich businessman. There, she observes a world of education and privilege.
She is forced to flee to her childhood home in the tropical backwaters of Kerala. If she is to survive, she will need to make sense of a gift the beggar has given her—the peacock stone. Why does the stone bring death, and how is it linked to one of the biggest jewel thefts in history?

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The Fire Stone

Everything in Sebastian’s life begins to change when he is given the gift of a Koroit opal—The Fire Stone. It begins a journey in Sebastian, a young farm hand living in the Australian mallee, is being watched covertly by Val, a fugitive hiding in the forests on the banks of the River Murray. Val has an official document that confirms his death fourteen years ago. As the secrets unravel, Sebastian is introduced to Pip. Her ordered life is shattered when bullets fired through the window of her home reduce her cello to matchwood. This begins a journey that takes them across the Pacific to the islands of Vanuatu, where the final drama is played out.

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The Dragon Stone

Elliot is hiding in his world of boats from a past that has wounded him. He is anti-authoritarian, lacking direction and broke.
Emma is terrified of life outside the studious, ordered world of Oxford. But circumstances propel her into the dangerous world of international subterfuge.
Kai is a Chinese triad gang leader, who is all too familiar with violence. However, he is now questioning his life, and seeking redemption.
Somehow the three of them need to band together to outwit the murderous intent of powerful corporations, and Hong Kong’s ruthless triad societies.


The Celtic Stone won the Australian “Caleb Award” in 2014. Another of his books, Key Issues, won the “Selah” award (in its class) in America the same year.

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