The Viking Stone

Adam Hollingworth is unsure whether he wants to live or die following the death of his fiancé. In deep grief, he journeys from Australia to England, and finds his way to the tide-ways and byways of the Thames estuary, an area renowned for its secrets, and its smuggling. Amidst the marshes, Adam is mentored by an old man, and his niece—a talented artist. They introduce him to a love for the sea and the world of ancient wooden boats.

Adam secures a job teaching in one of England’s oldest boarding schools. It is an alien environment in which he must find a reason to live. The violent world of smuggling soon makes its presence felt, and Adam must fight to keep himself, and the people he loves from being murdered. Whether they survive, and counter the evil pervading one of the mightiest waterways of the world, will depend on their ability to use a secret of ancient Norse navigation—the Viking Stone.

Perfect or those who enjoy James Patterson, Graham Greene, and Jeffery Archer. This novel will capture your heart, mind, and soul.