The Scorpion Stone

The Scorpion Stone Purchase Novel Two young boys, Isaac and Sam, get caught up in the drama of the Indonesian confrontation in

Stone Collection Box Set 1

The Stone Collection, Box set 1 comprises three novels: The Atlantis Stone, The Peacock Stone and The Fire Stone Purchase

Stone Collection Box Set 2

The Stone Collection, Box set 2 comprises three novels: The Celtic Stone, The Dragon Stone and The Viking Stone Purchase Box Set

Stone Collection Box Set 3

The Stone Collection, Box set 3 comprises three novels: The Syrian Stone, The Pharaoh’s Stone and The Martyr’s Stone Purchase Box Set

The Martyr’s Stone

The Martyr’s Stone Purchase Novel A boy, not yet quite a man, lies dying in marshy ground beside a river.

The Pharaoh’s Stone

The Pharaoh’s Stone Purchase - eBook Purchase - Paperback Upon his release from one of England’s most fearsome prisons, Peter

The Viking Stone

The Viking Stone Purchase Novel Adam Hollingworth is unsure whether he wants to live or die following the death of

The Syrian Stone

The Syrian Stone Purchase Novel Chelsea is part of an international team of archaeologists who are making the most of

The Celtic Stone

The Celtic Stone Purchase Novel Chris Norman’s dreams of being a commercial pilot are shattered when he crashes his plane

The Peacock Stone

The Peacock Stone Purchase eBook Purchase Audio Book A young girl comes to live in the slums of New Delhi.

The Dragon Stone

The Dragon Stone Purchase Novel Elliot is hiding in his world of boats from a past that has wounded him. He