The Celtic Stone

Chris Norman’s dreams of being a commercial pilot are shattered when he crashes his plane in central Australia. His life hangs in the balance—a balance that is swayed by the intervention of an Aboriginal bushman bent on his own murderous mission. The bushman leaves Chris with a mysterious and incongruous legacy, a Celtic cross made of stone.

Partly blinded and in deep grief at no longer being able to fly, Chris finds his way to the Hebridean islands off the west coast of Scotland, where he seeks to unravel the secrets of the Celtic stone.

A blind Hebridean woman, shunned by many in her local community, becomes Chris’s reluctant ally, along with a seven-year-old boy who is as wild as the storm-tossed seas that surround the islands.

It becomes apparent that the violence of the island’s history has carried on into the present. Chris needs to recover from his grief, discover his identity… and right an injustice in Scottish history that has shamed an island community.