The Fire Stone

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Sebastian, a young farm hand living in the Australian mallee, is being watched covertly by Val, a fugitive hiding in the forests on the banks of the River Murray. Val has an official document that confirms his death fourteen years ago. There is no official document that confirms his particular skill: assassin.

Pip divides her life between her musical studies at the Adelaide Conservatorium, and her work as a barista. Her ordered life is shattered when bullets fired through the window of her home reduce her cello to matchwood. The violence appears all the more bewildering given that she lives with her father David, a mild-mannered Anglican cleric.

A web of violence draws all four of them together.

Everything in Sebastian’s life starts to change when he is given the gift of a fabulous opal—The Fire Stone. It begins a journey that takes him and his new friends across the Pacific to the islands of Vanuatu, where the final drama is played out. The four of them must band together, in order to defeat an organisation that lives for violence, intimidation and murder.