Hello, my name is Nick Hawkes.

I am a storyteller.

I’ve always loved the power of stories to unlock the imagination, to inspire, and to leave us richer than we were before.

Novels lay bare the soul of the author (which can be frightening) and draw on their life experiences.   In my case, I lived in odd corners of Australia, Europe and Asia as a child, sharing adventures with my twin brother.   Later in life, I continued to travel with my wife, and we’ve had the privilege of immersing ourselves in some fascinating cultures.

My curiosity with life was fostered by my years as a research scientist—and continued as a theologian.

If you asked what my hobbies were, I’d say that I have a love of sailing, flying light aircraft and working with wood.   But writing is what occupies me most.   I write for radio and I write books.   I want those who read my novels to be surprised by the beauty of words, inspired by unlikely heroes, transported to fascinating places, warmed by romances and left content, as after a good meal…and looking forward to more.