The Atlantis Stone

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Felicity discovers the ‘Atlantis stone’ whilst scuba diving on the south-east coast of Australia, in a treacherous area known as ‘the ship’s graveyard.’ Her diving is part of her research into the fabled ‘mahogany ship,’ a wreck sighted on the beach by early white Australians.

She meets Benjamin as a result of her love of diving. He is an indigenous Australian, but past traumas have caused him to disown his aboriginal heritage. Benjamin is now struggling to find his identity in the Western world, and has retreated to his workshop where he ekes out a living as a wood-turner. An attempt on his life propels him into Felicity’s world of historic mysteries…and a quest that takes them to an ancient city in Sardinia.

An anthropologist dying of cancer, and an ex-Special Forces soldier with post-traumatic stress, join them in an adventure that centers on a medieval treaty, a lust for gold, and an audacious plot to rewrite world history.

An anthropologist dying of cancer and an ex-SAS soldier with post-traumatic stress, join Benjamin and Felicity in an adventure that centres on a medieval treaty, a hunger for gold… and, of course, the Atlantis Stone.