The Stone Collection, Box set 3 comprises three novels:

The Syrian Stone, The Pharaoh’s Stone and The Martyr’s Stone

The Syrian Stone

Chelsea is part of an international team of archaeologists who are making the most of a tenuous cease-fire in the Syrian civil war to excavate and conserve the historic remains of the ancient kingdom of Ebla. The dramatic discovery of a new library of clay tablets inscribed with cuneiform writing brings to the surface international tensions between Syria and Israel. Do the ancient tablets make reference to the ancient Jewish patriarchs living in Israel, or not? Chelsea must keep those she loves alive in an international squabble over who can rightfully lay claim to being the original and rightful occupants of Israel—and manage the greatest archaeological discovery of the century.

The Pharaoh’s Stone

Upon his release from one of England’s most fearsome prisons, Peter wanders aimlessly down to London’s docks. Through an act of kindness, his life becomes entangled with that of a history professor, Alex, who is grieving the death of his brother in suspicious circumstances. Investigations into the death lead them into the secret world of Freemasonry and its passion for collecting ancient Egyptian artifacts. Alex calls on Beth, an expert in Egyptian hieroglyphics, for her specialist help. From London to Paris, New York, and the ancient temples of Egypt—the three of them band together to uncover the clues… and counter an audacious plot by a secretive organization to grasp at international power.

The Martyr’s Stone

A boy, not yet quite a man, lies dying in marshy ground beside a river. Julian, a monk, finds him. He is given permission by the authorities to care for the boy, someone wild and untamable. Julian had not always been a monk. In an earlier life he was a research scientist. Julian’s world implodes when an ex-colleague from the University is brutally murdered. The shadowy world of the Chinese Communist Party, bent on stealing cutting edge intellectual property, looms over him. Jade, a Chinese research physicist is inveigled to help the Chinese cause. However, she has not reckoned on the surprises she discovers when meeting Julian.

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I’m pleased to report that the ‘Stone Collection’ has grown. There are now ten novels which you can look forward to reading.